A singularly creative voice whose unique aesthetic encompasses an array of idiosyncratic influences...a lyrical virtuoso with a commanding tone, whose expansive trumpet technique is saliently paralleled in his diverse writing.
— Troy Collins, All About Jazz

Dan Rosenboom leads a variety of distinct projects that feature some of the best musicians from Los Angeles and beyond. The Dan Rosenboom QuintetBurning Ghosts, and DR. MiNT are three of his most currently active projects, and various ensembles have included such notable musicians as Gavin Templeton, David Binney, Vinnie Colaiuta, Jimmy Johnson, Zach Danziger, Tim Lefebvre, Gary Novak, Jerry Watts Jr., Jeff Babko, Brian Walsh, Alexander Noice, Jake Vossler, Tim Conley, Troy Ziegler, Vinny Golia, Jon Armstrong, Jeff Parker, Joshua White, Sam Minaie, Richard Giddens, Kai Kurosawa, Aaron McLendon, Caleb Dolister, Gary Fukushima, Matt Mayhall, Tina Raymond, Gene Coye, and many more.

Currently Active Bands

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