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Recorded live at the Orenda Records 1st Anniversary Festival at bluewhale in Downtown Los Angeles, this epic performance imagines episodic ritual dances for the Shinto demon-gods of wind and thunder, Fujin and Raijin. Conceived as two complimentary sides of vinyl, this limited edition release features some of LA's most inventive instrumentalists in a wild, psychedelic, and other-worldly exploration of sound and groove!


Daniel Rosenboom | Composer, Trumpet
Vinny Golia | Bass Clarinet and Gongs
Jake Vossler | Electric Guitars
Tim Lefebvre | Electric Basses and Electronic FX
Matt Mayhall | Drums

Recorded Live at bluewhale on January 31, 2015
Sound Engineered by Peter Beer. 
Produced, Mixed, & Mastered by Daniel Rosenboom, Orenda Sound, Los Angeles. 
Design by Eron Rauch. 

All music conceived by Daniel Rosenboom (ASCAP) 
© Daniel Rosenboom Music (ASCAP) 2015
All Rights Reserved.

...prepare yourself for a hell of a ride." — Something Else Reviews


"Rosenboom again presents advanced conception and improv in equally large doses...enough musical ideas to fill up the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum...It’s not a Miles Davis concert circa 1975, but it’s hard the escape the feeling of such an event. Book Of Storms does nothing but strengthen Daniel Rosenboom’s reputation as a conceptual improviser of the highest order. Whenever you see his name near the words “Book of,” prepare yourself for a hell of a ride." 
—S. Victor Aaron, Something Else Reviews

Recorded live at the Orenda Records 1st Anniversary Festival, here are photographs by Eron Rauch from the performance: