Rosenboom is a phenomenon.
— Mark Swed, Los Angeles Times
From the Burning Ghosts performance at the 2017 Angel City Jazz Festival MetalJazz Night at Zebulon Cafe Concert in Los Angeles, CA. Photograph by Eron Rauch.

From the Burning Ghosts performance at the 2017 Angel City Jazz Festival MetalJazz Night at Zebulon Cafe Concert in Los Angeles, CA. Photograph by Eron Rauch.

"A musician dedicated to exploration and expression, regardless of anyone’s imagined boundaries."
–Chris Barton, Los Angeles Times

"Daniel Rosenboom is quickly becoming a ubiquitous presence in the West Coast's creative jazz scene... a singularly creative voice whose unique aesthetic encompasses an array of idiosyncratic influences...a lyrical virtuoso with a commanding tone, whose expansive trumpet technique is saliently paralleled in his diverse artist on the rise."
–Troy Collins, All About Jazz

 "Trumpet dynamo Dan Rosenboom, one of the more interesting Los Angeleno players, impresses with the fluidity of his ideas..."
–Josef Woodard, DownBeat Magazine

“Miles Davis, whose ghost lingered throughout, would have approved.”
–Greg Burk, Los Angeles Times

"Rosenboom gushes forth with fearsome alacrity, evoking the muscle of Freddie Hubbard and tone sculpture of Wadada Leo Smith..."
–Robert Bush, All About Jazz

"This shit rocks harder than those bands you hear through the walls in rehearsal studios around town, and Rosenboom leads the charge with his supermanly trumpet blasting. One of the most original, exciting, adventurous groups in L.A. right now."
–Gary Fukushima, LA Weekly

"Unlike anything heard before. This is jazz for the 21st century."
–Scott Yanow, author of thousands of articles for the All Music Guide to Jazz

"Daniel Rosenboom's trumpet playing was great throughout." 
–Bill Brotherton, Boston Herald

"'s poetry as interpreted by Rosenboom's sweetly tuneful trumpet. Rosenboom leaps from one extreme to another, doing both with the effortless flair of someone who has mastered his craft and isn't shy to show it off."
–Robert Sutton, Jazz Corner

"Spectacular trumpet soloing...mesmerizing..."
–Bruce L Gallanter, Downtown Music Gallery

"Daniel Rosenboom's trumpet and electronics tour de force Evolution captures all the gravity of '70s prog rock with a dramatic flair of Freddy Mercury-proportions...Rosenboom goes for the jugular both rhythmically and melodically, running through time signatures like a box of Kleenex at an AA meeting."
–Randy Nordschow, New Music Box

"Rosenboom's virtuosic performance added great excitement to the piece as we flew through fantastic landscapes or saw flashes of other images: a flutter-tongued passage gave way to a reflective, beautiful melody in the trumpet part. " 
–Neville Young, International Trumpet Guild 

Reviews of Burning Ghosts:

"...unruly...raging...visceral...raw...pure...expressive...a multi-faceted epic... Is Burning Ghosts the ‘Rage Against The Machine’ of jazz? Maybe that isn’t the conscious goal since there are those other precedents; it just seems to be the right time to bring up age-old issues that continue to fester, within the context of music that can match the passion on the streets. But listening to this music leaves the impression that Daniel Rosenboom & Co. wouldn’t shy away from the comparison with that other band from L.A., either."
—S. Victor Aaron, Something Else Reviews

"Daniel Rosenboom turns up the simmering menace of '70s Miles to a full boil of modern social warfare with a new band and album by Burning Ghosts, wherein the trumpeter's cool lyricism contrasts against the noisy electric onslaught of guitarist Jake Vossler; bassist Richard Giddens and drummer Aaron McLendon lend flexible support to a variegated soundscape that also offers oases of lovely repose." 
—Greg Burk,

"A timeless meditation on the unsolved problems of economic and racial inequality, Burning Ghosts is a modern jazz protest record in league with the politically-charged efforts of the New Thing, extending the innovations of luminaries like Max Roach and Archie Shepp into the new millennium."
—Troy Collins, All About Jazz

"The frontline of trumpet and electric guitar is an especially powerful blend...The interplay between the trumpet and guitar is incredible, spewing out fast & furious lines in tight orbits, the entire quartet as one intense force...Rosenboom's muted trumpet is laid back and enchanting and well matched by Vossler's laid back, skeletal guitar, the mood is somber and contemplative...builds in intensity throughout with some inspired trumpet and guitar flurries, crisscrossing and erupting into a grand conclusion... There is an ancient tug-of-war going on here between the triumphant tone & playing of the Rosenboom's great trumpet and the seething anger of the guitar led jazz/rock trio kicking up a storm underneath... Burning Ghosts show that they are one of the best bands to emerge from L.A. in years."
—Bruce Lee Gallanter, Downtown Music Gallery Newsletter

Reviews of Astral Transference and Seven Dreams:

*****5/5 Stars***** from All About Jazz
"L.A. trumpeter Daniel Rosenboom seems to gravitate towards music that challenges on multiple levels...wildly ambitious... It's a fascinating blend and blur of the notated versus the improvised, and the constant shifting keeps the listener's interest at a peak level... Imagine a synthesis of Wayne Shorter's "Moto Grosso Feio," and Cecil Taylor's "Conquistador," and one knows what to expect. Recommended." 
—Robert Bush, All About Jazz

"Fierce and combustible, trumpeter Rosenboom holds nothing back.  The occasional shifts into a straight-ahead jazz sound are almost startling.  When melody becomes the focus, the results are sweetly heartbreaking."
Bird Is The Worm

"Restless trumpeter, composer, poet, bandleader and record label entrepreneur Daniel Rosenboom tackles every one of his roles with a spirited intellect, which makes each new release a new adventure of multiple dimensions."
—S. Victor Aaron, Something Else Reviews

"Astral Transference and Seven Dreams are two sides of a coin. The former a demanding chunk of avant-jazz, while the latter is more conventional … Rosenboom has hit a high point in this release, and with any luck, this is an example of much more to come."
—Mike Borella, Avant Music News

"Los Angeles trumpeter Rosenboom and his colleagues have the spark in them, the connection to that nexus where head, heart, and spirit collide. His improvisations flow with an undisputable internal logic so that every turn seems as inevitable upon hearing as it was unpredictable moments before. Whether his music shifts from a trumpet march to an electric guitar loop, from frenzy to quiet breath, from tight ensemble to bickering solos, I feel smarter and somehow better for having heard it. Great music teaches ... trains the brain. Coltrane, Dylan, Hendrix, Carla Bley, Leroy Jenkins, Bach all do this. So does Daniel Rosenboom."
—Hobert Taylor, KUCI

Reviews of Fire Keeper:

****4/5 STARS**** from DownBeat Magazine
"There are few jazz records that seem suitable for a pyrotechnics show, but trumpeter-composer-producer Daniel Rosenboom has accomplished such a feat with the debut of his new album...a wholly modern and frequently intimidating assault brimming with ferocity...The quintet has a grinding meticulousness...and the band is extremely tight in their execution of Rosenboom's ideas. This is not background music. It's a panoramic assault soaked in aggression and fuzz, flinging jagged machismo in every direction. The listener has two options: Put down what they're doing and soak it up, or run screaming for the hills."
— Sean J. O'Connell, DownBeat Magazine 

IMG_8240edited copy.jpg

"Complex and exciting, Fire Keeper burns, lurches, and leaps with intelligent virtuosity and a breathtaking sense of ensemble cohesion. This might be where jazz is heading—so strap in and enjoy the ride."
— Robert Bush, All About Jazz

"Veering between knotty jazz, prog rock and metal, is a trumpeter determined to go his own way...the imagination on display generates plenty of heat."
— Chris Barton, Los Angeles Times

****4.5/5 STARS**** from Sydney Morning Herald
"A more innovative approach has been to place jazzy improvising within a rock aesthetic. The quintet, led by Los Angeles' trumpeter Daniel Rosenboom, is at the pinnacle of this approach, as heard on the new Fire Keeper opus. Rosenboom's music filmically plays with moods, while reaching peaks of energy in which rhythmically complex compositions and arresting improvising sit atop the thundering drama of rock."
— John Shand, Sydney Morning Herald

"We’ve firmly established a few things about Daniel Rosenboom from his Best of 2013 release Book of Omens: he’s a fearless composer, bandleader, and trumpet player who lunges headfirst into the frontiers of modern progressive jazz, making it his mission to craft something that’s both fresh and immediate. What we establish from his follow-up LP Fire Keeper is that his pursuit of what’s beyond that frontier doesn’t ever let up."
— S. Victor Aaron, Something Else Reviews

"Fire Keeper, marches forward with a certain kind of relentlessness. It's definitely the kind of rambunctious, inventive kind of music that would describe a Steve Coleman composition or the latest David Binney album...[an] exciting direction jazz has been taking lately in the intermingling of rock sounds into the jazz canon, especially when touches of free jazz rear their heads."
— Anthony Dean-Harris, Nextbop

"The kinetic energy in the performances on this thing is m-a-s-s-i-v-e...the performances are just stellar throughout."
— The Needle Drop

"These guys aren’t afraid hit it hard, paying homage to rock and jazz often in the same track. The result is a complex, yet ultimately catchy, set of tunes. But be careful – you might break a few bones trying to move your body to Fire Keeper."
— Mike Borella, Avant Music News

"Fire Keeper, the debut album from the Daniel Rosenboom Quintet, exemplifies the vast possibilities for contemporary jazz artists."
— Mike Oppenheim, All About Jazz

Live Concert Reviews of The Daniel Rosenboom Quintet

From a review of The Daniel Rosenboom Quintet Live at The Loft @ UCSD on March 13, 2014 // NBC San Diego:
"In his quintet, [Rosenboom] has fashioned something entirely new from wildly diverse precedents like the music of Ornette Coleman, Balkan-folk, heavy-metal, and the Mahavishnu Orchestra... At times the band reminded me of Ornette’s Prime Time playing at a Bulgarian rave. The liberal dosage of odd-meters and compound meters also evoked the spirit of Mahavishnu, but there was also a splash of (I swear to god) Black Sabbath tossed in for good measure... Rosenboom has a warm, gorgeous tone...imagine Freddie Hubbard gigging with Henry Threadgill in a Slavic mashup group, and you get the idea."
— Robert Bush, NBC San Diego

From a review of The Daniel Rosenboom Quintet @ The Monterey Jazz Festival on September 21, 2014 // AXS:
"It's been a long time since jazz had a clear, unifying direction, but the young 'uns have come up with a new and increasingly influential sound. Think mellow, carefully layered melodic passages for the ensemble playing, punctuated with increasingly wigged-out solos, subtle-to-overt fusion influences and an overall elegiac tone...At least a half-dozen acts at this year's MJF were cooking some flavor of this recipe, none more vigorously than trumpeter Daniel Rosenboom, whose carefully sculpted solo lines made effective counterpoints to the raucous electric squalls unleashed by guitarist Alexander Noice. And the MJF "What Is That Thing, And Does The Supportive Truss Come With It?" award goes to bassist Kai Kurosawa, playing an electric thing that had two necks, a gazillion strings and a design that screamed "mad scientist meets luthier.""
— David Becker, AXS

From a review of The Daniel Rosenboom Quintet @ the Angel City Jazz Festival on September 28, 2014 // MetalJazz:
More than most fusionistic jazzers, trumpeter Daniel Rosenboom rocks -- which doesn't mean his quintet plays simple or heavy, more like hard, intense and eclectic. The five started with African inspiration (Kai Kurosawa stalking and soaring on tapped extra-stringed Warr guitar) and ended with nervous jump (Dan Schnelle rustling the drums, Gavin Templeton wrangling the alto), while guitarist Alex Noice rode feedback and Rosenboom cattle-prodded with his assertive horn.
— Greg Burk,

Extended Interviews

Read an Interview with Dan Rosenboom in VoyageLA Magazine

All About Jazz w/ Fiona Ord-Shrimpton
"To say Daniel Rosenboom is no ordinary jazz trumpeter, is no exaggeration. His father, David Rosenboom is currently Dean, Richard Seaver Distinguished Chair in Music at the California Institute of the Arts (and has been at CalArts since 1990), and having a first trumpet teacher in the form of Wadada Leo Smith, where others may have rebelled to the surfscape or gone full Charlie Sheen, Daniel is confidently fulfilling his destiny to boom loud and boom proud..."

Point Of Departure w/ Troy Collins
"Los Angeles-based trumpet player and composer Daniel Rosenboom is a rising presence in the creative West Coast scene, having established his reputation performing with Vinny Golia, Harris Eisenstadt and his father, the renowned composer David Rosenboom, as well as a slew of bands including Killsonic, RootSystem and The Industrial Jazz Group. An ambitious member of the up-and-coming generation, Rosenboom engages in myriad musical activities: he leads an electrified quintet and acoustic sextet in addition to the “hardcore-Balkan-jazz-rock” group PLOTZ! and the “spontaneous composition” jazz-rock group DR. MiNT; works as a freelance session musician recording film scores and video game soundtracks; regularly performs with regional orchestras in the greater Los Angeles area; and accompanies multi-platinum singer Josh Groban on his international tours..."

Avant Music News w/ Mike Borella
"Daniel Rosenboom is a trumpeter who has released a number of compelling albums in the last few years, and is also trying to grow the Los Angeles creative music by curating live shows and launching his new label, Orenda Records. In addition to this interview, we recently reviewed Daniel’s latest album, Fire Keeper..."