“Dazzling progressive-jazz Balkan music.” 
Santa Barbara News-Press

Exploding off the stage in jubilant musical celebration, PLOTZ! tips its hat to styles, stories, and influences from all over the world, while maintaining firm roots in Balkan folk music, jazz and rock.

A fixture in Southern California’s underground Balkan/gypsy, jazz, and rock music scenes, PLOTZ! has been rocking stages and thrilling audiences for over a decade. Featuring Daniel Rosenboom on trumpets, Gavin Templeton on saxophones, Brian Walsh on clarinets and saxophones, Jake Vossler on guitars, Orest Balaban on bass, and Austin Wrinkle on drums.

“A s***-hot beam of musical illumination.” 
– David Cotner, Ventura County Reporter 

“PLOTZ! is the unlikely bastard son of Ivo Papasov and Black Sabbath…festive heavy Bulgarian jazz-rock, catchy as hell and quite accessible overall.” 
—Monsieur Délire, Monsiuer Délire’s Blog 

Greatest hits

PLOTZ!'s Limited Edition Greatest Hits compilation features some of the most slammin' jams from each of PLOTZ!'s commercial releases. 

“…music that carries a message…an experience of instrumental virtuosity sure to impress even an experienced listener.” 

“…these guys shine!” 
XLR8R Magazine



Released: October 17, 2012 

Daniel Rosenboom - trumpets
Gavin Templeton - alto saxophone
Brian Walsh - clarinet, bass clarinet, baritone saxophone
Jake Vossler - guitars
Orest Balaban - basses
Antony DiGennaro - electric bass
Austin Wrinkle - drums, percussion


PLOTZ!’s epic third album features a riotous mix of original songs and traditional Balkan folk songs done in PLOTZ!’s signature kick-ass fire-breathing fashion! 

“I think this might be the best CD I’ve reviewed all summer!” 
— DJ Jay Paul, WRUV-FM



released September 16, 2010

Daniel Rosenboom - trumpets
Gavin Templeton - alto and soprano saxophones, clarinet
Brian Walsh - clarinet, bass clarinet, baritone saxophone
Jake Vossler - electric guitar
Orest Balaban - electric bass
Austin Wrinkle - drums and percussion 

Recorded 25-28, 2009 at Roy O. Disney Music Hall
Sound Engineered by John Baffa, courtesy of TV Tray Studio
Mixed by John Baffa and PLOTZ! at TV Tray Studio
Mastered by J.J. Golden at Golden Mastering
Album Artwork by Gavin Templeton and Daniel Rosenboom

LIVE 2008

“Live fraught with grooves and growling riffs, punctuated by hoots and hollers thereat...a primal, boisterous experience that pledges allegiance with cultures the world over...finding equanimity among rock gods and gods made of actual rock.” 

— David Cotner, Ventura County Reporter


Released October 1, 2008 

Daniel Rosenboom - trumpet and piccolo trumpet
Gavin Templeton - alto saxophone
Brian Walsh - clarinet, tenor saxophone, bass clarinet
Jake Vossler - electric guitar
Antony DiGennaro - electric bass
Austin Wrinkle - drum set 

Recorded live on July 24, 2008 at California State Summer School for the Arts at California Institute of the Arts in Valencia, CA. 

Recording Engineer - Jake Smith
Mixing and Mastering - John Baffa and Daniel Rosenboom at TV Tray Studio in Simi Valley, CA. 

Photographs - Melissa Baffa, Mind's Eye Photos. 

Album design and layout - Austin Wrinkle and Daniel Rosenboom



PLOTZ!’s debut studio album, Extraordinary Renditions, introduced the world to PLOTZ!’s one-of-kind blend of Balkan rhythms, free-wheeling jazz improvisation, and fiery metal-born sound. 

***Best Instrumental Album - M.A.V.R.I.C. Awards 2007*** 

***Best Instrumental Song for "Splash" - M.A.V.R.I.C. Awards 2007** 

***Best International Instrumental Album 2007 - Toronto Exclusive Magazine*** 



Released January 12, 2007 

Jake Vossler - guitars
Dan Rosenboom - trumpets
Austin Wrinkle - drums
Orest Balaban - basses, vox track 10 

Recorded, mixed, and mastered at Goldmine Recording Studios, Ventura, CA. 

Engineered and mixed by Miles Ferrell
Mastered by Jeff Cowan and Miles Ferrell
Produced by PLOTZ! 
back panel photo by Sky Whitehead

CD art and layout by PLOTZ!