With an extensive background in classical and contemporary classical music, Daniel Rosenboom is committed to the performance and development of new, compelling works for solo trumpet. He has worked closely with many composers, especially on his debut solo record, Bloodier Mean Son (below) . He also is an accomplished soloist in classical styles - his recording of the J.S. Bach's Adagio BWV 974 (above) was featured in the 2011 film, Beginners. He has appeared as a soloist and collaborator all over the world and has performed with such notable groups as the Los Angeles Philharmonic New Music Group, Southwest Chamber Music, the Monday Evening Concerts players, and many more.

Daniel has also toured the world as the solo trumpeter with multi-platinum pop star, Josh Groban, playing for hundreds of thousands of fans internationally.

Daniel is actively interested in expanding the repertoire for solo trumpet.  He has worked with such composers as Vinny Golia, Anne LeBaron, Derrick Spiva Jr., Michael Pisaro, Kubilay Üner, Nick Didkovsky, David Rosenboom, and many others in developing new works for solo trumpet.

If you are a composer and are interested in working with Daniel on a new piece for solo trumpet or solo trumpet and ensemble, please contact him through the Booking/Contact page!