WOOPS! is a pastiche graphic improvisational score created especially for Creative Underground Los Angeles's performance on the JazzPOP Series at the Armand Hammer Museum in Los Angeles. The music is comprised of excerpts from pieces by Cathlene Pineda, Eric KM Clark, Jose Gurria-Cardenas, and Eron Rauch, and inspired by a poem by John Skipp.


Compiled and Arranged by Daniel Rosenboom.

Dorian Wood - voice
Gavin Templeton - alto sax
Brian Walsh - bass clarinet
Alex Noice - electric guitar and FX
Cathlene Pineda - wurlitzer and FX
Kai Kurosawa - bear trax (tap guitar) and FX
Matt Mayhall - drums
Jose Gurria-Cardenas - "tribal" drums
Daniel Rosenboom - conduction and trumpet

Eron Rauch - set design and video projection
John Skipp - poetry

Filmed, Directed, Edited, and Mixed by Alex Chaloff
Auxiliary Camera by Yuichi Komori


by John Skipp:

And the underground
Cracks its head on the thick
Concrete layer of upper crust
Dust poofing up
A crumpled cigarette pack
Doing a pinwheel in air
As the first buried skull
Blows through the surface like a bullet
Letting out the downstairs light
Shining up at the moon
Moon shining back
And in between,
God stretches and sighs
And says, "WOOPS!
I meant to say
'Let there be BOTH kinds of light.'"
Then heads to the store for more smokes
Having run out just before
The first hole erupted.