Bloodier, Mean Son (CD)

Bloodier, Mean Son (CD)


Daniel Rosenboom’s debut album on Nine Winds Records, featuring compositions by Daniel, his father David Rosenboom, Derrick Spiva Jr., Nick Didkovsky, Vinny Golia, and Michael Pisaro.

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Released February 12, 2006

Daniel Rosenboom - Trumpet and Electronics
Derrick Spiva, Jr. - Piano and MIDI Programming
Randy Gloss - Tabla
Jacqueline Humber - Voice
Michael Pisaro - Sine Tones
David Rosenboom - Trumpet Manipulation
Jake Vossler - Electric Guitar
Orest Balaban - Electric Bass
Austin Wrinkle - Drums and Tabla

Recording Engineered by Miriam Kolar
Produced and Edited by Daniel and David Rosenboom
Cover Art and Design by Daniel Rosenboom

©Ⓟ Daniel Rosenboom, 2006