Burning Ghosts // Reclamation (CD)

Burning Ghosts // Reclamation (CD)



A politically motivated quartet at the forefront of the jazz-metal underground featuring four of the most acclaimed musicians in the LA experimental music scene. Playing scorching instrumentals that touch on heavy metal and jazz, the music is uncompromising and intense, filled with precise rhythmic complexity and textural power. Their first release on Tzadik is an incendiary blockbuster and is destined to become an instant classic! 

Daniel Rosenboom - Trumpets
Jake Vossler - Guitars
Richard Giddens - Bass
Aaron McLendon - Drums

TZADIK (www.tzadik.com)

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"Marvelous." —Jazz In Europe

"Touched with Aylerlike churn and serene Coltranian confidence, "Reclamation" harks back to a time when revolution sprang directly from phonograph grooves into the hearts of millions. If you're wishing for this decade's most potent way of declaring "We're not gonna take it," look no further." —MetalJazz.com

"True to the stated purpose of Burning Ghosts, Reclamation is another piercing protest document without words. But regardless of what your politics might be, there’s much to relish here as long as you appreciate raw passion delivered through accomplished musicianship and a fearless attitude." —Something Else Reviews

"A musical diamond mine...that pushes the boundaries of noise rock, free jazz and every genre in between into new and interesting places." —Heavy Blog Is Heavy