Unsayable Absence (MP3)

Unsayable Absence (MP3)


"One of the most original, exciting, adventurous groups in L.A. right now." 
–Gary Fukushima, LA Weekly

Daniel Rosenboom - Trumpet and Flugelhorn
Gavin Templeton - Alto Saxophone and Flute
Jon Armstrong - Tenor Saxophone and Clarinet
Brian Walsh - Baritone Saxophone and Bass Clarinet
Rory Cowal - Piano
Hamilton Price - Bass
Matt Mayhall - Drums

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An exploration of cross-genre pollination over the backdrop of jazz; an experiment in stretching to the edge of the universe with one foot on the ground; a testament to the soul. This album was recorded live at The Blue Whale on May 5th and June 20th, 2012 in Los Angeles, CA. 

Sound Engineered by Masa Tsuzuki
Mixed and Mastered by Daniel Rosenboom
Cover Art by Eron Rauch

All music composed and arranged by Daniel Rosenboom (ASCAP). 
All music © Daniel Rosenboom Music (ASCAP), 2013. 
All Rights Reserved.